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My Shovels of Resilience

All of us have faced adversity in some form. Sometimes this adversity can paralyze us and stop us in our tracks. Resilience is the key to getting us moving again - digging ourselves out of the bog and back on track. But what exactly do these "shovels" of resilience look like? My father, who is not only a mentor to me professionally, he is also one of the smartest and kindest men I know, once said to me “the harder the challenge, the bigger the reward.” When you are in the mid

Smiling in the Face of Adversity

Just over a year ago, my world was flipped upside down and inside out! A 5-minute phone call, in July 2015 changed the course of my life dramatically and the weeks that followed were some of the most challenging I had ever experienced in my life. Now with the beauty of hindsight, I can reflect on that time as one of major personal growth. I learnt so much about life and about myself, about relationships and basic human needs. Lessons that are too valuable not to share. So let

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