5 Principles of Leadership

They say that when you have a near-death experience, your whole perception of life changes. I was never able to truly understand what this meant......until 8:12am on the 15th October 2013. I woke up that morning feeling excited and energised. I was still feeling the high of a successful session delivered the previous day and had been given the opportunity to meet and network with some amazing people. I was due to leave the city of Cebu, Philippines, that afternoon after 2 day

3 Vital Lessons I learnt from my Toddler

Since creating Blue Zone Thinking, I have consciously been applying my motto to everything I do. When I am working out and I feel like I have reached my limit, I remind myself to push through to the Blue Zone. "Don't get comfortable Mandy - Push a little further". When I have to have a difficult conversation with a client and tell them things that may not want to hear - " Don't sugar coat it and give them a soft landing - Tell them straight Mandy. Be straight forward and hone