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Smiling in the Face of Adversity

Just over a year ago, my world was flipped upside down and inside out! A 5-minute phone call, in July 2015 changed the course of my life dramatically and the weeks that followed were some of the most challenging I had ever experienced in my life. Now with the beauty of hindsight, I can reflect on that time as one of major personal growth. I learnt so much about life and about myself, about relationships and basic human needs. Lessons that are too valuable not to share. So let

7 Principles of Effective Communication

Having consulted to hundreds of businesses in more than 50 industries across the world, the one critical issue that is raised most often is communication. Communicating with others in an effective way is difficult because there are so many variables that come into play. There is the environment in which the communication takes place, the medium or technology used, the personal experiences, background, culture, attitudes, values and beliefs of the parties, not to mention the l

5 Principles of Leadership

They say that when you have a near-death experience, your whole perception of life changes. I was never able to truly understand what this meant......until 8:12am on the 15th October 2013. I woke up that morning feeling excited and energised. I was still feeling the high of a successful session delivered the previous day and had been given the opportunity to meet and network with some amazing people. I was due to leave the city of Cebu, Philippines, that afternoon after 2 day

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